In the Style of a Robot Friend Movie like “Short Circuit” or the Iron Giant.” In a World…where some will do anything to create weapons of mass destruction…a lost robot will learn its own way in the world while making friends with a special boy. As long as it can keep away from the people who More

Engineering Titanium Destiny

In the Style of a Sci-Fi Horror Action Movie like “Aliens.”In a World…where there is more beyond the stars than man is aware of…or can prepare for, sometimes the most dangerous threats are far closer to home.This show features the improv games Blind Offers, Rashomon, Sound Effects, and Tempo.Note: This is what we call one More


 In the Style of a Planet of the Apes Sci-Fi Movie – with Special Guest Rick Horner! In a World…where humans no longer rule and giant iguanas are the dominant species…a small group of humans will find themselves as the ultimate outcasts, fighting for their own survival and the survival of the human race…This show contains More

Land of the Giant Forest Iguanas – with Guest Rick Horner!

In the Style of a Survival Movie like “The Edge” or “The Grey.” In a World…where nature can be both beautiful and dangerous, three travelers seeking to make the world a better place through science, find themselves in the ultimate battle for survival.This show features the improv games Movie Trailer, He Said She Said, Rashomon, Gibberish More

Floating Through Misery

In the Style of a “Reluctant Thief” Like Thief or Sabotage In a World….where there is no honor amongst thieves, one good man with a checkered past looks forward to a peaceful retirement with his daughter but is forced back in by an old associate to commit one last job…This show contains the improv games Movie More

Stealing Honor

In the style of a “Critter Horror” like the movie Gremlins or the Critters movie…Description:In a World…where not all is at it seems, and evil sometimes lurks in the cutest of places… one small town will be terrorized by a horde of creatures known only as…Bestials!This show features the improv games Death in a Minute, More


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