Teaching With Honor

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In the Style of a “Savior Teacher” movie like Stand and Deliver and Dangerous Minds

In a World where some schools are wonderful, safe, and well-off and some students have every opportunity, other schools and students struggle. One brave, noble, courageous teacher will buck the system and risk it all to make sure that his Denver area students have the opportunity to make their lives mean something by being able to attend Ski College despite the odds…

This episode features the improv comedy games 1-Sentence at a Time Trailer in a Minute, Superheroes (Cliche characters), Pardon, Question Switch, and Cutting Room.

About this Episode

In this episode, we pay homage to “savior teacher movies,” where a lower income, lower opportunity, at risk group of school students get paired with a teacher who believes in them, and goes above and beyond to help them believe in themselves. We hit the major cliches and tropes in this one, but seeing as how it’s improv comedy, things got silly real fast and it ended up being about wether the kids would be able to attend ski college…


Stand and Deliver in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stand_and_Deliver

Dangerous Minds on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dangerous_Minds

Time Codes

Segment 1 - Discussion the Genre Tropes: 06:06

Segment 2 - Creating the Movie Outline: 16:36

Segment 3 - Picking the Improv Comedy Games: 20:45

Start of show: 25:54

Improv Game - 1-Sentence at a Time Trailer in a Minute: 27:36

Improv Game -  Superheroes (Cliche characters): 30:26

Improv Game - Pardon: 39:28

Improv Game - Question Switch: 50:25

Improv Game - Cutting Room: 1:01:04

End of show, into announcements: 1:16:13

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