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Hello! Avish and Mike have been best friends for 30 years and bonded over their love of movies, storytelling, creativity, and improv comedy (among many other things, like prog rock, martial arts, and Dungeons and Dragons...). They combined these interests into the "In a World of...Improvised Movie Homages" podcast, where they use short-form improv games to tell long-form improv stories in the style of famous movies. Click below to subscribe and scroll on down to check out some recent episodes!

The "In a World of... Improvised Movie Homages!" Podcast is Coming Soon!

Check out a Sneak Peak Episode Here:

In this special, "sneak peak" episode, Avish and Mike improvise a "slasher" style movie in the style of Friday the 13th (at least that's where it starts!).

The improv games include cutting room, what happens next, spoon river, and more! It was a ton of fun, and will give you a good idea of what to expect when the podcast goes live (planned for the Summer of 2021)!. Please share this page with anyone you know who loves improv, movies, storytelling, and creativity. And be sure to sign up below to get notified as soon as the podcast is live!

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