Demon Shadow of the Spawn Crib

In the style of The Omen Movie or other movies about the antichrist like Rosemary’s Baby and the Seventh Sign... 

In a world...where the devil exists and evil is very real, one family, in their quest to be happy, will realize something dark and sinister is lurking very, very close to home. A mother (with some help from dad) will be forced to confront true evil and save her child - or lose the world!

This episode contains the improv games Countdown, Best of Times Worst of Times, One Word at a Time Typewriter, Last Letter First Letter, and Cutting Room.

About this Episode

In this episode, we pay homage to The Omen movie as well as other movies about the antichrist like Rosemary’s Baby, the Seventh Sign, and others. 

We recently guested on the Matinee Heroes Podcast to discuss The Omen (the 1976 movie, not the 2006 remake). So it made total sense to do an Omen episode for our show too. 

We both really love The Omen, and Mike is a practicing Catholic so we get some hymns in there too. Plus wolves, burning zoo animals, and a weird dude named Oman. It’s a ton of fun!


Matinee Heroes:

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Time Codes

Segment 1 - Discussion the Genre Tropes: 05:07

Segment 2 - Creating the Movie Outline: 11:12

Segment 3 - Picking the Improv Comedy Games: 17:05

Start of show: 26:54

Improv Game - Countdown: 27:10

Improv Game - Best of Times, Worst of Times: 30:39

Improv Game - One Word at a Time Typewriter: 39:42

Improv Game - Last Letter, First Letter: 48:37

Improv Game - Cutting Room: 57:09

End of show, into announcements: 1:12:30

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Transcription of the “Discussing the Genre Tropes” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: Now we're going to spend about five minutes talking about the tropes of this kind of movie that cliches and commonalities.

Avish Parashar: So i'm going to set my little timer here and Mike why don't you kick us off when you think of the omen or movies about this child of the devil, you know could be like rosemary's baby even.

Avish Parashar: Other movies, like that what comes to mind.

Michael Worth: So a couple things in in no particular order this isn't quite as narratively like when I think what I don't think of this happens and this happens is more like things existence there's always a shadow cult.

Michael Worth: That basically you're saying this.

Michael Worth: That are helping this child come to fruition so you've got some sort of satanic shadow coffee work in the shadows.

Avish Parashar: yeah because the kid is obviously a kid so can't really defend themselves so there's right.

Avish Parashar: always like creepy people and.

Avish Parashar: There may be overt but there's always some who are like kovar.

Avish Parashar: Are there someone close to the main character is secretly in the call or arm, you know, like in the case, the oh man, the nanny is like straight up like i'm a member, no one knows it but right.

Michael Worth: The other the other variation you could see is that various people in positions of power so like they go to the police and it turns out, the police, Lieutenant some Members.

Michael Worth: They can't they can't kind of get past certain elements of power because they're actually in on it um parents, what are the parents like I think in general they're not like broken or dysfunction that's half the fun is that they're pretty normal upstanding parents.

Avish Parashar: yeah usually there you know once in a while you'll see a story where there's some tension and they're hoping the baby will bring them together more but yeah usually it's a.

Avish Parashar: it's a solid family um you know the husband and wife are in love you know they're happy to have a kid it's not like an accident that regretting.

Avish Parashar: So it's a good, solid family and.

Avish Parashar: i'm obviously like unexplained stuff happens like people die, but in.

Avish Parashar: mysterious ways they disappear, they die through weird accidents, though, you know it's not like a slasher comes up and kills them or someone gets killed during a.

Avish Parashar: home burglary it's like oh you just have to be walking under this piano that was being moved in it fell on your head right right.

Michael Worth: And something else that goes with that there's almost always dark animal not avatars, what do you call it the familiars like.

Michael Worth: Like crows and wolves or in this case rottweilers you know there there's always these kinds of animals that are either the agents of Satan or like symbolic of the agents of same so there's always these animal evil familiars.

Avish Parashar: yeah and there's the.

Avish Parashar: there's usually like the the slow revelation usually one of the parents is more of a victim and one is like the proactive one.

Avish Parashar: yeah and there's like that midpoint scene, where they suddenly finally they don't fully accept but they start to think hmm maybe there is something evil about my kid I need to like investigate this further.

Michael Worth: yeah now that drives into so at that point, the the parents, so this is a really good thing in these kind of movie the midpoint is a great flip from passive to active for the parents So the first thing is setting up.

Michael Worth: The tone of dread for the viewer right the kid is obviously like tainted by evil weird things happen the weirdest thing is oftentimes the kid doesn't even really behave evil like he's not like malicious it's more like.

Michael Worth: dark forces conspire to put them in these positions so he's he's tainted by evil, but at the midpoint the parents kind of fix that was wrong and they start getting proactive towards either defeating the kid.

Michael Worth: driving out the demon killing him whatever so that's that mid point is when the parents go from reactive to proactive.

Avish Parashar: Well, as a whole, like learning sequence to where like usually in that when they get proactive they.

Avish Parashar: there's almost always experts usually religious people like they talked to priests about what the heck is going on yeah you see this another movie that's similar to this is the the seven sign with demi Moore and and hicks.

Michael Worth: calories Michael bay.

yeah I.

Michael Worth: think that the six days there in that world to a devil's advocate it's not the same as a child theme, but you know there's.

Avish Parashar: The main character always seeks out counselor advice, usually from a priest to kind of goes into the prophecy and the things to look for and yeah yeah.

Michael Worth: By the way, in the seventh side did she end up giving birth to the baby and keeping it, because this is kind of important thing, she did.

Avish Parashar: She dies in birth, I think, is the whole point.

Michael Worth: Okay.

Avish Parashar: So that's one of the few I think most of these movies have kind of a downer or dark ending.

Avish Parashar: that's it kind of doesn't.

Michael Worth: But yeah she gives I don't she don't she gives her soul to the baby, so the baby will be the.

Avish Parashar: Right, because all being without her baby was me the first baby born without a soul, so at the end gives her life is.

Michael Worth: So this is the big thing at the end at the end, no matter what's happened let's say the baby is giving birth or they're going to try and kill the kid one parent dies, the other parent either dies, or is it.

Michael Worth: converted.

Avish Parashar: converted yeah they.

Michael Worth: They fail to kill the kid and die or they're just like they fall from grace, you know that's obviously it's rosemary's baby.

Avish Parashar: Right yeah spa heroes, maybe ending at the end.

Avish Parashar: as well, so my baby so i'm gonna raise it.

Michael Worth: yeah listen if you guys and girls listen to this have not seen.

Michael Worth: Years ago right yes shame on you then right that that.

Michael Worth: You got spoilers uh it's actually not that.

Avish Parashar: plot no all right that's our time yeah the plot points are pretty straightforward characters events, I mean the one thing we didn't mention is using these movies, the music sucks.

Avish Parashar: Terrible absolute horrible music.

Michael Worth: Nobody ever gets any awards from it never.

Avish Parashar: Ever with an Oscar for writing a dark mass right.

Avish Parashar: If you don't know this, by now, we are kidding oh man is just an amazing score yeah.

Michael Worth: amazing movie general and the if you go over to Craig presses podcast you will hear me talk about the score, so I will give you, you can go over there to learn all the trivia points because hey give credit spreads podcast yeah.

Avish Parashar: Exactly alright, so we, that is the end of our genre discussion which brings us to the next segment.

Transcription of the “Creating the Outline” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: Alright, so now we're going to spend five minutes hashing out a just kind of high level outline of this movie.

Avish Parashar: We will take you through a four act structure which is like the three act structure we just split Act two into two parts one, the first half more reactive second is more proactive so.

Avish Parashar: Now this is what the outline we create disclaimer is improv comedy so there's a good chance we will hear from it once we get.

Michael Worth: It indoors you so.

Avish Parashar: yeah so.

Michael Worth: So they're.

Avish Parashar: All right, so we will normally start with a prologue or trailer.

Michael Worth: i'm feeling prologue we got to set things up.

Avish Parashar: Like yeah the birth or whatever the.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah right, and you know what you're saying the birth let's let's go for it let's get let's get the kid into the into the into the movie let's not have this all be about the woman being pregnant.

Avish Parashar: yeah we'll have a kid not a pregnant mom okay So then, so there what is that so again we're gonna be since we did just talk about the omen and appear m&a hear a song about the moment it's this episode of things may be very much an homage to the omen so yeah.

Avish Parashar: So in act one the kid at this point will be a little kid like five years old, or so.

Avish Parashar: yeah so an act one we there's some happiness right you kind of set the platform where things are pretty good.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah I got this man I got an idea that tell me if i'm overriding by doing this right parents are happy get mom and dad are up and coming right.

Michael Worth: All good things start happening because roadblocks their happiness something tragic happens so they're like they want to get this new house and the couple's like i'm sorry the asking price is too high, and like something happens to one of the owners that are able to sell.

Avish Parashar: Okay yeah yes, a mysterious good stuff happens.

Michael Worth: But but but it results from bad stuff happening to other people right.

Avish Parashar: yeah.

Michael Worth: mysterious fortune for the family.

Avish Parashar: And then I think at the end of act one, I think we need.

Avish Parashar: I think we need the introduction of the the cult person.

Michael Worth: Agreed person or the culture, just a person who knows.

Avish Parashar: something bad needs to happen.

Avish Parashar: This is where kind of the turn comes um.

Avish Parashar: yeah and then kind of introduced to the the head.

Avish Parashar: Or the covert like cult person yeah that's the.

Michael Worth: One that makes sense right yeah okay cool.

Avish Parashar: So now an act to um I think a lot of people need to start dying people who are maybe like the investigators, people who are trying to.

Avish Parashar: You know there's a there's like that we didn't talk about this in this tropes, but there is, you know the group or the small group of people that are aware of the this person's the Antichrist yep and they're trying to warn the parents or they're trying to kill the kid.

Avish Parashar: And these people need to start getting people, some people know the truth or suspect the truth may need to start getting knocked off yeah.

Michael Worth: At the same time in act one all these fortuitous events happen to the family and he knows all being caused by Satan maneuvering the pieces, but an act to this is when the weird shit starts happening to the family left the crow start.

Michael Worth: Gathering around the kids bedroom window and the the the the let's say they're like a condo or something all the groundskeeper people are like kind of weird or they're hovering around and stuff they start to feel like.

Michael Worth: Because now it's like right now they're like trying to like zero in on the family and like keep this kid krista grooming this kid right they got the.

Avish Parashar: yeah and we see how like the.

Avish Parashar: The kid gets sort of mysterious he protected like you know the parents trying to punish the kid gets really upset and then all of a sudden, like a dog appears or something so like there's like coincidental threats that happen.

Avish Parashar: yeah action threats.

Michael Worth: incidental protective yeah exactly and that and that culminates with.

Michael Worth: Like let's say, one of the investigators in front of the family has a real mysterious death or something and in the family that's what the husband, the wife for like maybe they get approached by an investigator kind of like whatever the open they got killed in there all right.

Avish Parashar: there's something going on with it yeah some point, and act to the one of the people that knows about the kid needs to let the parents know.

Avish Parashar: yep we're just gonna activate.

And then die.

Michael Worth: So then, at three is them gathering information, building a way to kind of defeat the kid could be.

Avish Parashar: Learning yep but meanwhile they're doing that the kid is still wreaking havoc, you know people are still dying bad things are happening.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah okay cool all right.

Avish Parashar: I think you're an activity like I think in the beginning of activity, the parent hasn't fully embraced it but by the end then they're like oh yeah my kids the devil.

Michael Worth: it's highly likely, one of the parents will die at the end of act three.

Michael Worth: yeah remember we do for extraction at the end of act three is really the end of back to.

Avish Parashar: ya know traditional.

Michael Worth: APP APP for is the is the race against time right it's like the one or both parents is trying to finish the spell kill the kid whatever.

Michael Worth: The evil satanic coven is trying to protect the kid and it's just kind of a.

Avish Parashar: You know yeah it's the parents doing whatever they need to to try to save sometimes apparently tries to save the kid.

Avish Parashar: doesn't always necessarily be i'm going to kill my child but it's like a good exercise the demon got to drive the devil out or kill the kid yeah and the cult is sending the cold people the mysterious events, the animals like everything's trying to stop the parent from doing it.

Michael Worth: I swear to God if we make this thing funny it's a minor friggin miracle.

Avish Parashar: Oh it's gonna be fine it's demonic calls in Paris, trying to kill their children is inherently funny and I think we're gonna find that out.

Michael Worth: I think I think we're gonna we're going to demonstrate that over the next 30 or 40 minutes, and then you know what let's leave it up to our improv as to.


Michael Worth: they're successful.

Avish Parashar: Oh yeah.

Michael Worth: we'll see kind of a surprise.

Avish Parashar: Well, at the end right so that was my duck timer I think we got a pretty pretty solid outline for our for X, plus a prologue yeah which brings us to our third segment.


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