Destructible Future Cyberman

In the Style of a Dystopian Sci-Fi Action Police movie like Robocop.  

In a World....where plastic waste has so overwhelmed the world that people are forced to live in domes and live off the slugs that cover their bodies, one police officer will be transformed into something more than human. 

This movie is a tale of loss, gain, plastic, slugs, violence, revenge, and redemption. And improv comedy...

This show contains the improv games Gibberish Switch, Emotional Lists, A to Z, Pardon, and Cutting Room. There's also lava, salt, and champagne. Plus two bad accents.

This episode is an homage to Dystopian Future Action movies like Robocop. We are both big fans of the classic Robocop movie, and that comes out in this episode. Some truly bizarre and entertaining things happen in this show and we think you will enjoy it!

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Transcription of the “Discussing the Genre Tropes” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: segment one discussing the genre tropes.

Avish Parashar: All right now we're going to spend five minutes discussing the tropes cliches and commonalities that you find in this genre of movie so i'm gonna start my five minute timer.

Avish Parashar: and go all right mikey why don't you start us off when you think of this kind of movie what are some of the things that come to mind.

Michael Worth: Well, the first thing is, is that it's almost always an urban environment okay so you're gonna be doing that because you want that kind of like.

Michael Worth: i'm always gonna see like shadow run squalor right there's definitely an element of society that's kind of in its final stage of decay right so decaying society.

Michael Worth: And there's a huge gap between the squalor and the rich in this that just kind of.

Avish Parashar: that's kind of the big thing it's like and almost every one of these movies.

Avish Parashar: A there's a very, very low income disparity is a very small group of very rich very powerful people a mega powers in this is almost always is always like corporations and they're always evil right Google.

Avish Parashar: sheets with the government and the police are like kind of owned or sponsored because a lot of these like robocop go into satire and political commentary about like.

Avish Parashar: Where you know capitalism run a muck could lead, so they always are running man is very much kind of like that right, like the society at least like a running man.

Michael Worth: And demolition man.

Avish Parashar: demolition man is a really.

Avish Parashar: good example here I think that's gonna be one of the sample ones, when I finish this podcast episodes robocop and demolition man.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah those those are great with that it's it's funny and run everything.

Michael Worth: And they are evil in terms of like ends justify the means complete narcissism you know just whatever so how is our hero now here's the trope.

Michael Worth: there's almost always a hero that comes out of this but they're almost always engineered by some facet of this society they don't just like stand up like.

Michael Worth: They look like i'm sly and demolition man when he was carbon froze and then he was thought out to by society it's not healing trained harder something he was like.

Avish Parashar: He is not just a normal.

Avish Parashar: it's not just like you know it's like a modern day police procedural where it's like Oh, you know, Martin riggs is really good because, like a normal guy yet so it's a it's guys from a different time this guy was almost killed so we turned him into a half robot or assign more.

Michael Worth: Engine yard yeah yeah.

Avish Parashar: JESSICA Alba and dark angel is like genetically engineered so yeah there's.

Avish Parashar: enhance or there's given like a special equipment and Armor right like like all those TV shows we talked about so right yeah but there's like an enhanced it's an enhanced Cuban who is usually I think almost always a cop like it's almost always is or was a police officer yeah.

copper military.

Michael Worth: will do that, and I think we should play that in this in this improvised movie or much I think we should play the idea of the enhanced human that's what a lot of fun for like our games and stuff like that.

Avish Parashar: yeah and they could be.

Avish Parashar: They almost always work or at least start out working for the police or for the government like it's it's not like knight rider right where it's like a shadowy figure dangerous quest.

Michael Worth: looks like had a good yeah.

Avish Parashar: yeah like this, like all right, you know you are a police officer, but you're super COP no.

Michael Worth: No, right now, at this point in the game, the first thing they do, if you want to get a little granular with the movie and the tropes.

Michael Worth: there's always going to be, and it could be jumping ahead but that's okay there's always going to be a moment where you get to see all the cool.

Michael Worth: or a chunk of the cool abilities this guy has or girl, you know, like you get see the enhanced speed or like in robot cups of thing his his special gun is targeting computer in judge dredd you could see him with with the what's it called the war master or the the the bicycle.

Michael Worth: The psycho he has and he's like super cool gun that has like 30 different types of ammo so that definitely happens because you want to showcase at this guy or girl is is above and beyond the kind of normal people.

Avish Parashar: yeah and that's a lot of times that's like in the earlier part of the movie when they're kind of first rolling out going through the fodder you the cannon fodder like random thieves and narrow wells.

Michael Worth: yeah just grinding through the.

Avish Parashar: Meat grinder of this, you know.

Avish Parashar: Now, so the bad guy is often someone who don't people don't know is a bad guy like.

Avish Parashar: You know, like a corporate head or something, but you know they're implicitly or secretly doing something really bad.

Avish Parashar: oftentimes they've got some kind of usually the bad guys Plaid has some sense of like exploiting.

Avish Parashar: The lower class even more like you know we're gonna blow up this entire section of the city, so I can build my condominiums or i'm gonna harvest human organs to sell to make these other things are.

Michael Worth: yeah in many ways he's kind of like the old.

Michael Worth: silent film like land Baron.

Michael Worth: You don't need where it's like.

Michael Worth: That yeah I think publicly they're always on the up and up it's always like oh it's Senator so and so he's sponsoring all this, you know environmental rehabilitation and his company has been feeding blah blah blah what he's really doing is he's got this down.

Michael Worth: This nefarious plan that you know, and this is where the third part comes in the trope is always the hero uncovers this nested plan.

Avish Parashar: yeah and.

Michael Worth: And one of two things happening concurrently the bad guy start building an antihero thing.

Avish Parashar: yeah that's what I was gonna say I.

Michael Worth: will add rather than.

Avish Parashar: What I was gonna say that while i'm not sure what your other ones me but yeah usually it's like there is a counter point to the there's The anti here like again, like the other robot yeah oh we've got our technology to and we've made 9000 or whatever right.

Michael Worth: And then the final wrap up with the final kind of big trope of this is at one point, the hero goes rogue from society and has to make society safe on his own merits there's a cool like mode, where he was.

Michael Worth: born of society trained by society originally was protecting society and then has to go outside society in order to fix society.

Avish Parashar: yeah or like has to kind of go against his programming or training like like robocop has to like you know, be a cop, again, instead of just a robot like has kind of tapping the human side.

Avish Parashar: that's a big piece of a lot of times the person when their hands, they lose their humanity and then part of the journey.

Avish Parashar: From a character's re tapping into it and real quick just there's usually side characters like a cop partner or a victim they rescue earlier who becomes like an ally.

Michael Worth: Exactly and let's all say they're almost always jacked like.

Michael Worth: yeah i've seen biceps the size of my head it's not one of these movies.

Avish Parashar: Right all right excellent so that was one more five minutes that brings us to the end of our genre tropes discussion.

Avish Parashar: I real quick hey i'll tell you what if you go and visit the blog post for this and fish and Mike calm.

Avish Parashar: Go to this episode and if we missed a trope or a genre that either we didn't talk about now that comes up in the episode you're able to comment on the episodes on our blog so go ahead and let us know hey you guys most important tropes oh yeah.

Avish Parashar: Perfect on these things were perfect and other things damn it, but nothing.

Transcription of the “Creating the Outline” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: Alright, so that brings us to segment two.

Avish Parashar: Creating the outline.

Avish Parashar: All right now we're going to spend about five minutes, creating a rough high level outline that we're going to.

Avish Parashar: Follow now, this being improv comedy and short form improv comedy we may veer from the outline but we're going to come up with a rough outline right now and we're going to use a for act structure.

Avish Parashar: Basically it's a three act structure, but we take Act two is split into two parts, it just flows, a little better for this format alright so first question we normally start with a prologue or movie trailer just I feel like a probably use a movie trailer versus a prologue.

Michael Worth: let's go with that yeah.

Avish Parashar: I mean the other thing we could do is.

Avish Parashar: Like a prologue, but a lot of these future dystopian movies have like the opening voiceover crawl where it's like a 2022 a catastrophic earthquake is blah blah blah or.

Avish Parashar: No money 75 corporation, you know governments collapsing corporations takeover.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah yeah.

Avish Parashar: Why don't we do that with an improv game, like a like a storytelling or one word type game so.

Avish Parashar: we'll come back and.

Michael Worth: switch or something like that yeah.

Avish Parashar: yeah let's do like a let's do like an opening Vo crawl.

Michael Worth: crawl and that's our that's our trailer slash prologue.

Avish Parashar: yeah I like that.

Michael Worth: idea too so Vo crawl.

Avish Parashar: Alright, so for.

Avish Parashar: Act one alright so in act one This is where we're going to we're going to meet the hero now one thing we didn't talk about trope wise is we almost always see the hero before they're enhanced you know right before they get shot before they get frozen before they get modified yeah.

Avish Parashar: So, I guess, we want to see the hero kind of an order in ordinary life.

Michael Worth: yeah and but here's the thing, this is the one of the things the Homer, especially in the 90s, is this thing's pretty brisk so we don't want it to be like Oh, the here walk around getting groceries it's likely hero in media recce.

Avish Parashar: yeah here.

Avish Parashar: In action, action, like in kop action.

Michael Worth: Right and and the whole point is that they're competent before they get buffed up before they get tipped up they're not like it's not like the 90 pound weakling it gets transformed.

Avish Parashar: Like Captain America.

Michael Worth: Captain America no hard, but nobody.

Michael Worth: These guys are already pretty pretty competent.

Avish Parashar: yeah so we've seen an order live in action as a police officer.

Avish Parashar: Will usually meet one of the allies, whether it's a partner or potential romantic interest with someone we meet here and will often meet the villain here to like and comment ordinary.

Avish Parashar: yeah sometimes the villain betrays the hero like before they become enhanced like so the ads that kind of person element to yep yep.

Michael Worth: So when you meet the villain it's usually in a description Cinematic description of the state of society, where the Members remember the villain is usually have held at the pillar of the Community.

Avish Parashar: yeah.

Michael Worth: So it's like you meet the villain but it's like dinner with the OSHA was depleted, this company is able to give you portable oxygen or whatever you know so that kind of thing.

Avish Parashar: yeah there's like some kind of propaganda ad type thing and then usually then act one ends with the transformation, whether it's because they got shot up and need to be rebuilt, or whatever, so it ends with like the the turn and the enhancement.

Michael Worth: yep, this is the crossing the threshold because that's the that's the threshold crossing he's going from human to you know i'm vintage human or whatever.

Michael Worth: yeah so apt to is usually a showcasing heroes new abilities.

Avish Parashar: yeah there's where we see what they can do yeah with your random criminals it's not like.

Michael Worth: yeah low level criminals.

Avish Parashar: Right yeah oh girls, and I would say that we often will see the villain here.

Avish Parashar: kind of furthering their plan and sometimes the ally will will come across it like the ally, has an agency here.

Avish Parashar: You know, like the partner copies investigating something you know all the superheroes off becoming and testing the powers, the ally COPs like oh hey look this CEOs starting to learn the CEOs like evil right right.

Michael Worth: Here are the two yeah this put your the here or ally uncovers layers of deception.

Michael Worth: starts to see villains plan.

Michael Worth: Okay, so showcasing here's new abilities low level criminals villainous forward and plans either here or ally uncovers layers of deception starts to see the villains plan cool.

Michael Worth: You know, by the way this is like a hero's journey, one on one so here's tests and trials right it's like you know.

Avish Parashar: Learning and developing on.

Avish Parashar: And then act too so.

Avish Parashar: I would say yeah back to turn this is when he's going to shift from reactive to proactive, so I said, the end of Act two is when the hero kinda learns I think oftentimes he won't find out to the end of act three that the bad guys the bad guy i'm.

Michael Worth: Right, he knows, right here.

Avish Parashar: So he, like uncovers the plot the plot is to like destroy the slums of the city he'll uncover that plot, but he wanted to say, know who's behind it.

Michael Worth: Right, but at the end of actors, when he decides to be like now i'm going to start actively to foil in this plot.

Avish Parashar: Right without knowing that it's you know he's been going to be betrayed by so yeah I guess as actor, he is in trying to stop the plot yep.

Michael Worth: hero not resources detectives whatever it is not researchers, but if.

Avish Parashar: that's the case.

Michael Worth: investigate that's the word, thank you.

Avish Parashar: As English.

Michael Worth: investigates.

Avish Parashar: investigates the plot and then usually this will culminate with him learning what you need to know, but then a learning the pillar of the Community is a bad guy and meeting slash fighting slash losing to the anti robot.

Michael Worth: I just wrote villains starts building antihero tech hero confronts.

Michael Worth: villain flunkies.

Avish Parashar: yeah he learns the bad guys we're.

Michael Worth: yeah and loses to anti tech.

Michael Worth: um this is that that's heroes darkest hour.

Michael Worth: oftentimes here the Allies wounded.

Michael Worth: and take and take it out of the game.

Avish Parashar: We I was in the I could be wounded here or the ally could be the one who saves after the hero gets beaten by the.

Michael Worth: Law.

Michael Worth: let's go with that let's go the Li saves them that's pretty cool I like.

Avish Parashar: The beginning of back for like the ally saves the hero on.

Avish Parashar: rehab This is where the hero will ideally learn like maybe they're going to tap back into their humanity or.

Michael Worth: Their past or something.

Avish Parashar: Like that kind of going around society, you know, instead of yep.

Michael Worth: And so now there's two things about this.

Michael Worth: At this point in time to hear was usually pariahs either they're either they're the propaganda sister persona non grata.

Michael Worth: or the police has been bought out, and so they have to be because, when the hero has to decide through accessing his humanity or whatever to go it alone and so that's the big heroes mobile he said i'm going to do it myself, so the hero.

Michael Worth: I decide.

Michael Worth: To go solo.

Avish Parashar: yeah there's gotta yeah the solo slash only here on the Allies like yeah the, the system has abandoned him right and oftentimes it's been he's moved on to make a strong political stand oftentimes at the very end.

Avish Parashar: Then, like the system will get back on the system will realize it was wrong and yeah you know, like the whole police force that have been to him at the beginning of X for.

Avish Parashar: At the very end and he's defeated the bad guy he's defeated the bad monster, and then you know he's confronting the CEO villain who's got the upper hand but then, like all the COPs show up or like no like now we're good yeah.

Michael Worth: yeah or liking Superman for the quest for peace.

Avish Parashar: In a bed.

Michael Worth: in a bad way cannot hear that man it's in the podcast out.

Avish Parashar: Basically that's all it has happened and act, I mean a lot of it can happen, a lot of ways loss that's basically it's you got saved by the ally rehabs.

Avish Parashar: has to go kind of road.

Avish Parashar: You know fights the bad robot monster and then.

Michael Worth: Yes, up yeah society steps up to to help him at the end, but not like he needed it it's more like society's changed he's been the agent the agent of.

Avish Parashar: Well that's why you have the two right like he uses his powers and smarts to beat the robot um but then like.

Avish Parashar: You know society kind of helps him beat the CEO like because yeah he needs like society on his side, otherwise he just going to be the bad guy like he's going to be the criminal over.

Avish Parashar: yeah alright so awesome that is a solid outline, which we will stick roughly to.

Michael Worth: which will probably nor completely.


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