In the Style of a Teen Slasher Movie like Scream 

In a World…where some people will kill for no reason…one group of friends will find themselves in the middle of a mad killer’s lust for death. Who will survive, who will die, who’s the killer, and who will….gargle?? Listen to find out.

This episode features the improv games Countdown, Superheroes, Last Letter, First Letter, Alibis, and Cutting Room.

In this episode, we pay homage to those 90’s style hip slasher movies, specifically Scream. Mike and Avish both love Scream (and Avish loves all these types of movies) and they actually saw the original together way way back when. This episode is a of fun and a pretty direct homage/parody to Scream. Wes Craven would be proud…we think…if he liked improv comedy…


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Transcription of the “Discussing the Genre Tropes” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: Alright, so now we're going to spend a few minutes talking about the tropes and whatnot but we're kind of if you listen this podcast for a while, you know we spend five minutes kind of diving right into what are the tropes of the genre.

Avish Parashar: we're going to modify this a little bit maybe talk for a little bit longer but also talk about just kind of our experience and what our thoughts are on this genre and how we came across it and through that the genre tropes will come out.

Avish Parashar: of time here.

Michael Worth: yeah apparently as we jump in everybody seems to like hearing about how we fell in love with this movie or what our experiences were when we first watch this movie so that's kind of where the thrust of this is.

Avish Parashar: yeah and this movie I love this movie screen is one of my favorite horror movies, and I like horror movies, I think you don't like horror movies, as much but uh.

Michael Worth: I don't like horror movies categorically unless it's a really good horror movie and then I love it so no obvious what is it that made scream awesome for you, because you've watched Friday the 13th you've watched nightmare on elm street you've seen what are some other.

Michael Worth: classic ones like classic slash are.

Avish Parashar: slash one's a Halloween.

Avish Parashar: nightmare on elm street you know the supernatural sounds like the omen, the exorcist the shining sure.

Avish Parashar: So we have what I like about scream and and it's funny I saw this in the theater I think we actually saw it in the theater together.

Avish Parashar: And this is, I think this is this is where I learned an interesting little trade of mike's that when he when he gets scared me because he's a musician.

Avish Parashar: When he gets scared he starts to cover his ears.

Michael Worth: I plug my ears.

Avish Parashar: were sitting in the theater and I kind of glance over to new bands like coming up with your fingers are going into here.

Michael Worth: But I can't I can't not watch i'm still watching it, I was like a scary sound my brain.

Avish Parashar: So when I what I loved about it, I mean a when this came out just the kind of it was hip right like the the characters were like funny there was interplay.

Avish Parashar: They were fodder, like any other kind of teen slasher, but it was like just the dialogue was fun and sharpen witty yeah um and what was cool about screen was that when you look at it, it was actually different in a few ways one is that number one is no supernatural element to it right.

Michael Worth: Sure it's a classic bad guy with with weapons.

Avish Parashar: yeah and through all the franchise's like the all the other movies, the killer, even if they started human like Halloween or Friday 13th we're not like.

Avish Parashar: ended up becoming ridiculous and supernatural and screen was always just like I remember seeing screen what astonished me was like when.

Avish Parashar: When when the bad guy got hit or punch do you like got hurt oh.

Michael Worth: yeah like when cities fleeing from him he likes slams the door knocks down the stairs or you kind of like gets gets he gets hit and flips horizontal lands like lucky you got like a shoulder.

Michael Worth: yeah you know, like human.

Avish Parashar: yeah acted human.

Avish Parashar: So I love I love that element of it um you know, obviously the The self referential you know the scary movie that plays into scary movie tropes was pretty cool you know the the old drew barrymore opening is just iconic.

Michael Worth: Oh okay so let's talk about like like was it Clive Barker West craven.

Avish Parashar: wes craven.

Michael Worth: yeah the rest in peace man that guy was a frickin champ.

Michael Worth: Like they what was so cool that it was they turned the the tropes of the genre on their head from the get go so first of all okay when drew barrymore's on the phone and it's like then she finds out that he's watching what's what's the quote it's like because i'm watching you right.

Avish Parashar: I want to know what i'm looking at.

Michael Worth: i'm looking at yeah and you're at all thats dark shit but remember when she breaks out, and he comes in stab Sir, as opposed to the 70s and 80s, they don't pull the camera away with a knife hits they want to show.

Avish Parashar: Oh yeah it's pretty good.

Avish Parashar: ready for today.

Avish Parashar: It is yeah it's pretty graphic and brutal.

Michael Worth: yeah but but also done with the directors, I it wasn't done just to be like splatter Gore, it was like no, you want to be like, no, no, this is not your typical slashing but we're gonna we're gonna play with this a little bit you know um.

Avish Parashar: yeah and the.

Avish Parashar: And the twist like the whole thing with with slasher movies, and like the Mike myers and Jason things like they could kind of sort of magically appear like you'd be running and they'd be walking.

Avish Parashar: did that, like that the killer would just appear, and it was like such a brilliant twist.

Avish Parashar: You know spoiler if you haven't seen the first 120 years ago like having two killers it just like right to that point, I mean i'm sure there's some more obscure movies, but like in a mainstream movie like that, having the killer be two people was.

Michael Worth: super super cool and very elegant itself so many problems it's solved well how could, how could the boyfriend and killed when he was there ah right, how can the killer get ahead of them ah.

Michael Worth: Right, you know it was really elegant um and the the the acting was really good it was it was a lot of like the whole 90s not brat Pack.

Avish Parashar: That kind of like you know, like those have been commerce yeah.

Avish Parashar: yeah drew barrymore's like resurgence right you've kind of been yeah I wouldn't get a great subversion she didn't know she'd been hitting the sauce pretty easy days they got it again.

Avish Parashar: But it was a great but that's the thing biggest name, one of the biggest names in the movie at the time and she's on the poster prominently.

Avish Parashar: yeah and they kill her off in the first 10 minutes, that was a huge like.

Michael Worth: Oh, my God stuff great stuff so let's talk about what another great thing about this movie, which is a big.

Michael Worth: raising the bar the quality of the characters here the actors really good Courtney Cox is a surprisingly good job frickin eight legged arachnophobia.

Avish Parashar: David arquette I don't think is a very good actor, but he was like he was like.

Avish Parashar: Perfect for this role he was.

Michael Worth: Was this character's name it was doing Oh, do we and and but they all look the writing, for they were just such a funny.

Michael Worth: connectable memorable characters you know, like Courtney Cox played the whole determine reporter really well doing with this gorgeous aw shucks kind of guy you know, like thing and.

Avish Parashar: It had like like I said I had that like like horror comedy wasn't like a horror comedy in that the horror wasn't funny the horror was like horlick the.

Michael Worth: screen evil dead, which is really comedy with.

Avish Parashar: Right, but in between the scary stuff the interplay the dialogue and all that, like the all the duty stuff is ridiculous and the fact that every time he came on screen they played the broken arrow.

Avish Parashar: yeah yeah like its own theme was.

Michael Worth: It was it was it was a.

Michael Worth: lone gunman the opposite of the lone gunman.

Avish Parashar: Oh yeah he was terrible.

Avish Parashar: trivia i'm not sure if this is true, but I heard that in the original script he died um but.

Avish Parashar: Oh people liked him so much that they.

Michael Worth: brought back all.

Avish Parashar: They came alive.

Michael Worth: yeah but he's.

Michael Worth: limping because he had, like all this.

Avish Parashar: girl cuz yeah I was just smart he got nerd there.

Avish Parashar: And then, at the end of screen to to keep him alive when they're willing i'm out you hear the background the medic say Oh, he had so much scar tissue it saved it.

Michael Worth: stopped this stuff tonight.

Michael Worth: um So what do you think of this a little bit granular but what do you think of the knife as the as the main murder weapon for the screen God he do you like that kind of.

Avish Parashar: Every everyone's gonna have like a different weapon and I guess to this point, it was like a hunting knife right, it was like.

Michael Worth: yeah it was a Bowie knife basically.

Michael Worth: yeah I liked it, I was wondering if he was going to do the Jason thing where it's like everybody gets a different death, but that was his kind of thing right there was the the.

Michael Worth: i'm going to be a little bit martial arts nerdy for a second the knife is a particularly gruesome now that i've killed anybody with a knife.

Michael Worth: Yet not yet, or at least in no way they could prove that I have but it's a very intimate way to attack somebody you got to get real close like.

Michael Worth: A baseball BAT you've got to like pretend you're hank Aaron you got like it's a really grim way to kill somebody because you are like literally holding them in place it just like poking their insides with basically your.

Avish Parashar: Hand yeah.

Michael Worth: So it's a pretty cool weapon and it gets dark like it gets you know that kind of thing.

Avish Parashar: yeah there's not any real like they don't go too crazy with any of the death, other than i'm rose McGowan and getting kind of crushed by the garage door is the only like everything else.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah it was yeah it was a pretty much a straight death and again very earthy and real right.

Michael Worth: Like and also by the way, they also explain away by having up to athletic teenagers why the killer was actually in pretty good shape it's like I remember when I was young and fit.

Michael Worth: yeah do shit like that, like I could just like get knocked off a staircase and who cares because i'm 15.

Avish Parashar: Right yeah.

Avish Parashar: And how they could do some of the more physical stuff like stringing up the body in the beginning and whatnot it's like.

Avish Parashar: Well there's two of them yeah yeah yeah.

Michael Worth: Two athletes, you know.

Avish Parashar: So the other thing that I liked about scream that was different.

Avish Parashar: And you know I think this will probably use in our show is that i'm screen, other than the slasher movies, up to this point had a mystery element to it because.

Avish Parashar: Like in the all the other slasher movies, the killer someone outside the group right Mike myers Jason.

Avish Parashar: Never.

Michael Worth: Even I know she did last summer it's like the dude yeah.

Avish Parashar: yeah in this one, it was one of the one or two obviously of the group, and so.

Avish Parashar: Like.

Avish Parashar: it's not like all this random killer we got to get away from them as like ooh there's a random killer which one of these people is the killer yeah.

Avish Parashar: In addition to us.

Michael Worth: So one night werewolf kind of thing or a mafia cost component to it right.

Avish Parashar: yeah and that you know, and then a lot of the movies, you know, because this obviously was game changing.

Avish Parashar: Almost genre defining so many movies came out like this, you know I know what you did last summer yeah I was outside, but like urban legends was one where I get one of the people is the bad guy.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah I think final destination, that was notes with death, but.

Michael Worth: yeah, but it also part of that idea of like the the hip group of it also changed the hip group of teenagers from sex loving idiots at a at a at a resort to like actually intelligent hunted pray you know.

Michael Worth: yeah and, yes, they still play the SAS company in fact in this movie they've acknowledged the silliness like don't don't lose your virginity or else your target.

Avish Parashar: Right yeah yeah and, as you know, after a what's her name is Jeff Campbell yes finally yeah she died when she gets attacked and and Randy at the end lives because he was a virgin so.

Michael Worth: Randy Randy, so this is a great a lot of fun us riffing this off and it's good because I haven't seen screaming about three years so i'm a little rusty it was my fault i've had a lot of work, this week, a lot of boost a drink.

Michael Worth: But this this is reminded me of all the good stuff I think really that's I mean the, the only thing that we can't really just doing a podcast I mean just the cinematography is great.

Avish Parashar: camera work with it what's what's Korea good luck in movie.

Michael Worth: what's best for him and he just.

Avish Parashar: answered so.

Michael Worth: He does yeah this was this was really a great resurgence, to the popular I have West craven because you know, he was nightmare on elm street, but he kind of fallen into obscurity as.

Avish Parashar: Hard even left a serious because it it kind of gone down a lot of what he he may have done another movie or to be coming back.

Avish Parashar: I mean, this is the guy That was our timer, but that was the guy who did I mean one person came up with nine, oh no nightmare elm street and scream is that's pretty.

Avish Parashar: yeah yeah impressive yeah.


Michael Worth: So now you, dear listener have learned about how we experience this movie and loved it.

Avish Parashar: yeah and through that we got a lot of the tropes and stuff out so this brings us now to.

Transcription of the “Creating the Outline” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: Creating the outline so now taking the information and I love this movie and things we've we've mentioned we're going to hash out a high level outline for this movie.

Avish Parashar: we're going to use a four act structure, and this is the starting point we're gonna make this a rough outline, but then it's improv comedy so we may veer from it.

Michael Worth: We reserve the right to change any and all things because we don't care.

Avish Parashar: Exactly.

Michael Worth: Our show our show.

Avish Parashar: Our show.

Michael Worth: Our show David.

Avish Parashar: Alright, so a five minute timer starts now so.

Michael Worth: First i'm going to do trailer on a prologue come on.

Avish Parashar: Well, maybe.

Avish Parashar: I always say.

Avish Parashar: prologue right because, like like in scream it's a prologue essentially right like there's no main characters you just see someone getting killed by the bad guy so um I would say either one could go, we could do a trailer like seeing the first death that's kind of that.

Michael Worth: We have that we not commit.

Michael Worth: To anything for the next four minutes and 55 seconds.

Avish Parashar: decided the end, whether we want trailer.

Michael Worth: Is act one as simple as the first death and we meet the the main party is it as simple as that.

Avish Parashar: yeah I think so um so.

Michael Worth: So that first death will happen in act one because that sets the tone for the killer right.

Avish Parashar: yeah if it's not we don't do a prologue than the first death would be in the first act, and then we got to meet the cast of characters.


First, death.

Avish Parashar: And that cast will be mostly teams, with a couple of dollars like teachers COPs parents, whatever.

Michael Worth: Sure sure I like the idea of you know what let's i'm just gonna write down teacher and a cop only because that'll help me to kind of guide my little improv brain, you know kind of thing again we may not admit that teacher made up becoming a reporter, and maybe come to a public calendar.

Avish Parashar: yeah something completely random.

Michael Worth: The account did.

Michael Worth: We must kill the accountant.

Michael Worth: He knows too much right so that's pretty easy now, how does the group understand there's a killer out is it was one of the first death is from the Group.

Avish Parashar: yeah it's from the group or someone else in the group knows yeah again if it's if it's school high school, university it's like a student dies, and everyone obviously finds out.

Michael Worth: OK, so now you to act two.

Avish Parashar: yeah Act two is where.

Michael Worth: You need help me on screen.

Avish Parashar: yeah and I did just just I think an act to you know, the main character is a little bit wary but.

Avish Parashar: I think something happens in Act two where they get attacked or becomes personal for them so they're kind of just going about their life, a little bit wary, you know, trying to stay safe like in screams Sydney gets attacked at her house.

Avish Parashar: yeah out of nowhere and you see that in a lot of the movies, in the second act like.

Michael Worth: Best justification reincorporation ever have the two doors that jam each other.

Avish Parashar: Oh yeah.

Michael Worth: That was like a chekhov's gun moment I was like what I thought I was like oh it's going to be worked in somehow I don't know I don't have it, I was like oh that's a corporation.

Avish Parashar: So I would say the main character gets attacked.

Michael Worth: You know what i'm going to take a step back, but you she will get attacked but, but here, he whenever.

Michael Worth: It gets personal like the main character realize the killer has some vested interest in killing the main character, like you said, an act one it's like oh there's a killer out index was like there's a killer out and he's looking for me.

Michael Worth: Right or right so that's really, really good i'm at this point in time, because we're dealing with scream we play the the suspicion game too.

Avish Parashar: yeah I was about to say an act to the attack it's personal and I think.

Avish Parashar: You start to explore a little bit about the suspicion how everyone's a suspect yeah.

Avish Parashar: So then.

Michael Worth: Do we want it no I won't I won't jump into yeah it's gonna have the improv.

Avish Parashar: it's not a big deal so maybe it's excellent yeah.

Michael Worth: A in apt to listen to more people die.

Avish Parashar: Oh, they can, I think, in a movie probably yes in our improv.

Avish Parashar: probably know, I think, an actor, he is where.

Avish Parashar: I think actually a lot of the secondary characters.

Avish Parashar: Oh yeah a lot of suspects, I guess.

Michael Worth: let's decks and bodies their.

Michael Worth: bodies and X real build a wall man build a wall bodies i'm at the same time.

Michael Worth: here's boy, this is going to be tough, for us, the seeds of the identity are planted in APP three but they're not revealed to act for.

Avish Parashar: yeah and and, in fact, a lot of the people who you think might be the killer die in act three it's.

Avish Parashar: Like.

Michael Worth: i've already scared of this.

Avish Parashar: So in that in the original scream act three is when they're at the party and other people are being killed off like like the friend whatever name was tatum yep and things like that.

Michael Worth: And then be right back.

Avish Parashar: yeah and then act four is when it kind of becomes Sydney like just Sydney because in oh in act three like the camera man dies, and you know gail and do we get kind of knocked out.

Michael Worth: yeah.

Avish Parashar: And so, then X four is where it kind of becomes a little more Mano a Mano like it's basically just and we're mostly saying female because these movies late cameras almost always a female.

Michael Worth: Female we want to Jennifer love Hewitt was in that one and.

Avish Parashar: alicia wit was in a urban legends and yeah sometimes it's not but usually it's a female extreme.

Michael Worth: Just do a girl come on.

Avish Parashar: yeah so.

Avish Parashar: So act for becomes like an action sequence, and not just like one fight it's like there's a lot of like chasing and trying to get away trying to set track like.

Michael Worth: And and there's a stocking meaning like there's a little bit of a fight to chase and she hides and then there's the taunting where he.

Michael Worth: where he really reveals some of his plot and there's another little fight and there's a little bit of count, you know so it's going to be this kind of like.

Avish Parashar: Fight talking was that.

Avish Parashar: Was it oh God, I remember, was it screamer scream to where she hides in the car but goes face has the key and so she likes all the doors and she can't see him and then suddenly like the one door unlocked and she'll run over and slam it.

Michael Worth: Now screen.

Avish Parashar: Okay, but that's.

Avish Parashar: sort of that that stocking that cat and mouse thing.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah exactly good stuff right so.

Avish Parashar: All right.

Michael Worth: All right, that's.

Avish Parashar: that's pretty straightforward, I mean these movies it's mostly what comes out within the and that's our timer.

Avish Parashar: So that most of it comes out, so the one thing we didn't quite figure out is beyond to a trailer to set the movie up or do you want to do a prologue where we do the first death and then act one is more just kind of meeting the people.

Michael Worth: throw it back to you because you just saw screen, so you kind of know what you want to do, for your vibe what are you feeling, what do you feel today on this.

Avish Parashar: I think that.

Avish Parashar: I think I think the whether we do a trailer prologue I think the death should be separate from the meeting of the casket it's almost two separate seems completely.

Avish Parashar: So we can either do.

Avish Parashar: The as the prologue or do a thriller and do.

Michael Worth: let's do the first death as a prologue and we can do.

What do we do it was a death in a minute.

Avish Parashar: yeah we can do death in a minute.

Michael Worth: Or we can even do diminishing returns death.

Avish Parashar: Oh, that could be fun.

Avish Parashar: Right now.

Avish Parashar: yeah so.


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