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In the Style of a Vampire Hero Movie like Blade, Underworld, or Morbius.

In a World…where people feel safe and assume monsters aren’t real…there exists a second world of evil and vampires. However, there is one man who walks in both worlds, and he may be the only thing between evil and light. He is…SLICE.

This episode features the improv comedy games Movie Trailer in a Minute, Best of Times / Worst of Times, Last Letter / First Letter, Blind Line, and Cutting Room.

About this Episode

In this episode, we pay homage to vampire hero movies - those awesome action movies where the vampire (at least one of them) is the hero. We recorded this to prep for Morbius, but since we hadn’t seen it yet this episode is much more of an homage to Blade.

It is also the first episode we recorded in 2022, and we tweak our format a bit. We hope you like it!


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Time Codes

Segment 1 - Discussion the Genre Tropes: 14:05

Segment 2 - Creating the Movie Outline: 25:32

Segment 3 - Picking the Improv Comedy Games: 31:26

Start of show: 36:51

Improv Game - Movie Trailer in a Minute: 39:00

Improv Game - Best of Times / Worst of Times: 40:37

Improv Game - Last Letter / First Letter: 50:12

Improv Game - Blind Line: 58:18

Improv Game - Cutting Room: 1:09:13

End of show, into announcements: 1:23:19

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Transcription of the “Discussing the Genre Tropes” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: Alright, so if you've been listening for a while, you know, this is our five minutes segment where we discussed the tropes and cliches our second change we're doing to our format trying this out for 2022 is.

Avish Parashar: Mike and I bring a lot of history to a lot of these movies and genres so which may be comes out in the show, but maybe the audience is aware of that so we're going to expand this segment to closer to 10 minutes.

Avish Parashar: But so we're going to start first by talking a little bit about the movie and our experience with the genre and Mike this is.

Avish Parashar: probably true for many movies matrix certainly um, but this is one we actually saw together.

Avish Parashar: We played.

Avish Parashar: together in the theater way back when so take us back, would you remember, like what What did you think when you saw blade for the first time.

Michael Worth: Oh man I forgot that we start the theater together to you know the um what did I think my first take was um i'm damn this is stylish like this was like because.

Michael Worth: Up until now, what other superhero movies were there, there was Batman Batman was cool but I had a bit of the Gothic this at the other end seen Superman so this comes in and the.

Avish Parashar: Opening when it goes this.

Avish Parashar: Before was this before after spider man, this is right around spider man.

Michael Worth: This was before Spiderman, but it was a because spider man is as a mom as an MC you so yeah it was before Spiderman um and it was after Batman cuz Let me take a look here.

Michael Worth: bleed film um but I remember walking in and you're watching them go to that rave club and it's all like full that great 90s like.

Avish Parashar: It does oh yeah.

Michael Worth: And it's all you know slickly shot and then, when the blood comes down.

Michael Worth: And the guys you see the reversal you guys the guy that's gonna get eaten and then blade shows up and they're all stuck around have covered and read being fair like hot shit this movie it's doubling down on visual imagery like.

Avish Parashar: It was yeah.

Michael Worth: So stylish.

Avish Parashar: Was it was so cool and Wesley snipes was just cool as blade.

Michael Worth: Yes, absolutely.

Avish Parashar: excited because I think they do a remake with a mashallah alli and I think you'd be great as a blade yeah but Wesley snipes was just so and he delivered the most ridiculous one liners so well.

Michael Worth: Oh, the credibility people forget about Wesley snipes like about a he's a legit martial artists like he trains hard and he's kind of Michael J white when he's got like legit chops to he can make shuts down so smugly like self pompous some of the Fuck is always trying to escape.

Avish Parashar: The line I love that.

Michael Worth: so good, and he just delivers it with such like, just like I do this lads fucking stupid, but i'm gonna make it awesome right um.

Avish Parashar: it's funny because when blade came out I feel like I read a lot of comic was growing up and I read a bunch of spider man, but I think when it came out I didn't even realize that bleed was a marvel comics character, I just thought it was I got cool vampire movie.

yeah yeah.

Avish Parashar: And it was so it doesn't feel like a comic movie it feels like a vampire movie.

Avish Parashar: Great.

Michael Worth: A good darkness to where the vampire is the hero is a vampire hunter first in the style of van helsing it's not like he's like a superhero right.

Avish Parashar: yeah it's like a vampire vampire hunter which is awesome.

Michael Worth: yeah exactly and and the plot is legit I didn't like, and this is this is always going to be a problem, going to see if more be as well.

Michael Worth: As this the vampire villains are hard, it is hard to set up a vampire film to be blades match because blade is pretty clever and the amazing physical specimen so you got to play the vampire mastermind against him because blade can wade through.

Avish Parashar: yeah he just like phase waves of bad guys would like a mastermind meeting them all.

Michael Worth: Right, and so the mastermind of the first one was deacon frost and his big thing was he's trying to resurrect the blood God um it was a decent enough.

Michael Worth: hook, for it but, and it was you know, certainly a very solid hook, in terms of yeah again okay vampire trying to resurrect an all powerful for us trying to like you know become immortal or you know super powered.

Michael Worth: But it just I think like anything else the protagonist is defined by how good the antagonist is and I thought that decompress was great in this as a character.

Michael Worth: yeah whiny email 90s post-punk you know.

Avish Parashar: And if I recall correctly blade tues better in that context, like blade to actually look like was good from blade and had like a better villain and had almost like an alien sort of subplot like.

Avish Parashar: Yes, like a aliens feel to it.

Michael Worth: It did because that was one where they their experiments kind of vampire and made vampire vampires like a metal vampire and he could convert vampires into reapers and it did have an alien's five to it.

Avish Parashar: yeah and.

Michael Worth: They brought out the one thing that blade didn't do as well, they brought it and blade to was they brought out some of like the light hearted like badass humor of Wesley snipes his character blade like he was very grim in the first one.

Michael Worth: And the second we did a lot more funny lines a lot like that scene, where he you know i'm steers up decks who's buying the blows a kiss at his bike before it goes off.

Michael Worth: And fun kills the vampires like it was yeah.

Avish Parashar: It was really good.

Michael Worth: So I would I would actually live out of state as we're starting to move into blade blade you know doing this oh my gosh we incorporate elements of blade too, because that was.

Avish Parashar: Another I think.

Avish Parashar: Any kind of jack and it's funny like we call this blade it's gonna be more of an homage to blade but you know, this also kind of kicked off the like the whole underworld series is kind of like this.

Avish Parashar: Right yeah yeah so the vampire and what's his name is a werewolf and like yeah so yep it's.

Michael Worth: I have to also say that one of the things for you as we start to build the actors and it's always fun for us to try and do this in another podcast but.

Michael Worth: The action scenes are beautifully choreographed like Wesley snipes knows karate or Kung fu fill it up Filipino cali and Judo so his shit is tight like he's doing all the trapping and all the wing chun.

Avish Parashar: He knows yeah but.

Avish Parashar: It was like a combination like superhero vampire and martial arts movie which was it at the time wow.

Avish Parashar: Very you know with brain we're that was we were both.

Avish Parashar: very regularly training together martial arts, I was like we just saw this cool, so I think we like incorporate that.

Michael Worth: into our training yeah yeah, we were told we weren't you and I are both.

Michael Worth: Training G condo in cali and then we had come off of rookie tempo and small circle Jiu jitsu so we had the lots of stuff that we see this guy with all the outside.

Avish Parashar: yeah alright so let's kind of transition point, then, so this kind of our history with it we love so much of it, so what are then.

Avish Parashar: blade specifically but really any of these kind of you know sort of vampires among us, but the vampires the hero type movie what are some of you said you know, like, and this will be hard for the podcast but choreographed fight beautifully choreographed fight scenes.

Michael Worth: yeah totally full full of slick martial arts, I mean it's definitely is a high martial arts quota.

Michael Worth: and

Avish Parashar: You know just just general like action and, like popcorn action yeah.

Michael Worth: yeah yeah slickly shot, you know slickly told in our in our in our point um it's the underworld is a great idea there's a shadow world full of the Raven loft Gothic stuff so the vampires live among us.

Avish Parashar: And you know revealing to all our listeners that we are dungeons and dragons nerds absolutely.


Michael Worth: So that's a big component, which is the vampires are not these federal creatures living in the wilderness they usually have two hooks into corporate America in.

Avish Parashar: an urban environment yeah.

Avish Parashar: And yeah most they're not well known, like the World doesn't know they exist, the hero is a vampire for our story it's a vampire hero yep.

Michael Worth: Exactly or something with vampiric powers, and you know.

Avish Parashar: Like a half vampire vampire day Walker.

Michael Worth: None of this like i'm a highly trained to you, but no, no, no he's got a touch to the supernatural with this.


Avish Parashar: I say to your point, like the villain needs to be.

Avish Parashar: A mastermind a mastermind but even like it could be a badass but like usually it's some kind of like it should be one level above the vampire like a like an elder I like a lot of the stories, especially underworld has like the Elder vampires or the god vampire not just a regular vampire.

Michael Worth: Right he's got additional powers and certainly additional resources and cloud, you know.

Michael Worth: The vampires in these kind of movies, are cannon fodder which and what and what you'll show is you'll show us with the vampires beating up on people and then you'll see the blade character going through them and that basically showcases like the how bad ass blade is you know.

Avish Parashar: yeah.

Michael Worth: By the way, seagal can take a page from these kind of movie because he said I was trying to basically be blade but he fails were played succeeds.

Avish Parashar: So yeah it does in many, many.

Michael Worth: Ways our defensive level get some point so.

Avish Parashar: there's no other guy a.

Michael Worth: plot is pretty easy usually what happens is.

Michael Worth: The main character uncovers a small criminal act which is part of a series of legos building to the big criminal plot.

Michael Worth: So, like you know why are you breaking in and stealing this type of blood, you know he stops that robbery and they start researching and say Oh well, that type of blood is.

Avish Parashar: For this spend on the plan.

Avish Parashar: almost always involves either.

Avish Parashar: Taking out all the humans and turning them into food like enslaving humans or raising.

Avish Parashar: The apocalypse raising the Elder God that's good yeah.

Michael Worth: Either superpowers, the head either making him super powerful or phrases like.

Michael Worth: Or, he said it wipes out the human race it's it's either it's one of those two hands.

Avish Parashar: So something apocalyptic on scale like yeah.

Avish Parashar: Exactly yeah.

Michael Worth: turn them all into food or whatever um.

Avish Parashar: So there's all.

Avish Parashar: there's usually the the hero is almost always like very withdrawn, but then encounter someone usually like a love interest or sort of a love interest.

Michael Worth: Interest tonight.

Avish Parashar: opens them up yeah.

Michael Worth: The hero, if we want to play it like blade and I think we should will usually have one or two assistants that are playing Q and playing you know Q, like the James Bond techie there's usually a tech.

Avish Parashar: yeah like like Christmas.

Michael Worth: With her he actually and actually, this is a variation of the he had two and one of them betrayed that's that might be a little complex for a podcast there's nothing wrong with just having the hero kiss tech support and, like the love interest and that kind of works out um.

Avish Parashar: yeah.

Michael Worth: And so it's pretty it's pretty straightforward actually like the plot is literally that which is here shows up foil some small crime.

Avish Parashar: yeah very nicely into our format because it's like all right, some stuff happens investigates.

Avish Parashar: Proactive than big finish.

Michael Worth: yep and, of course, of course, the drive in the in the final act to make the big finish is that his love interest and or his partner get kidnapped.

Michael Worth: and

Michael Worth: You know yeah.

Michael Worth: yeah so now, yes, and not only go to stop the plan, but he also has to go for personal reasons, sometimes you'll see them get killed, but I don't know that's not necessary that's basically it, I mean it's pretty.

Avish Parashar: And we are.

Michael Worth: And there's always one liners there's.

Michael Worth: always like a straight aloes humor one liners, you know.

Avish Parashar: And there's something we That was a duck timer.

Avish Parashar: The one thing that we.

Avish Parashar: Probably don't have a lot of us have a lot of mythology which I don't think we need to get too far into like.

Avish Parashar: Who was the god back that and what caused this now why the stone needs to be found to be this would.

Michael Worth: Probably just enough mythology to justify the big bad evil guys.

Avish Parashar: Most yeah it's improv comedy surprise sticking the mythology when we need it like oh yeah.

Michael Worth: What will it do deus ex market a deus ex mythology you know.

Transcription of the “Creating the Outline” Segment (Unedited and Un-Cleaned up)

Avish Parashar: segment two all right now, we will hash out a high level outline we're going to use a for act structure.

Avish Parashar: we're going to kind of figure out what happens in each act roughly we may not stick to it once we get into it, because it's improv, but this is kind of our guidelines for what's going to happen.

Michael Worth: There aren't any more of a guideline.

Avish Parashar: yeah exactly.

Avish Parashar: Alright, so five minute timer.

Michael Worth: We did come up by the way for listeners, you need to weigh in on what you want our time to change to for this year, because you might come with a new sound I don't know if.

Avish Parashar: that's true I just been using the duck because i'm too lazy.

Michael Worth: yeah but i'll build something or maybe if there's you know, looking at phrase you want us to.

Avish Parashar: love it.

Avish Parashar: Alright, so next one, what needs to happen in act one.

Avish Parashar: It almost always opens with some kind of violence yeah.

Michael Worth: So basically here's what it opens with it opens with the switch from the the the world that we think we know to the actual world, so it starts off with something very, very plain and blah and then all sudden the latest switched.

Michael Worth: And all of a sudden, you see all the vampires you realize that the world you think you know, is a dangerous world and we're actually the lowest form of on the food chain.

Michael Worth: And we're introduced to the main character, the main character just shows up and just just carnage like it's that simple right.

Avish Parashar: yeah and and usually something happens right at the end, like you know he.

Avish Parashar: Like you said discovers that crime or like finds a medallion that one of the bad guys left behind, or like basically starts them down the path to be like hey what the hell is a scope what's going on here like something you discover something unusual like at the end of that sequence.

Avish Parashar: Or the last.

Michael Worth: yeah exactly and um the the love interest is introduced at this point as either one of two things.

Michael Worth: Either they're involved in that initial fight and they kind of tag along or they're the first clue linchpin to him uncovering the mystery like he's like oh they're doing this special kind of why they Robin this special kind of metal so he goes to like a metallurgist.

Avish Parashar: And the metallurgist right they'd be born act, too, but yeah so somewhere, maybe act one they might be like a victim right.

Avish Parashar: The thing or so maybe here, maybe act to we'll figure that out.

Michael Worth: that's pretty much at once it's that fast and easy.

Avish Parashar: yeah and active and I like to act, too, I think we're going to meet the sidekicks the assistance yep.

Michael Worth: And so, less is more here if we just have one.

Avish Parashar: that's fine but loaded, yet we meet the assistant.

Avish Parashar: We investigate whatever they discovered in act one they do some investigation there's usually some kind of a token action senior.

Michael Worth: Why um well what happens is uh yeah and we're introduced to the big bad guy and usually that took an action scene is.

Michael Worth: blade the character starting to interfere with one of the stages of the of the plopping put in that attracts his attention to the bad guy the bad guys like whoa whoa what happened, what, why did my guys not come back from this particular thing and then.

Avish Parashar: The bag I learned about maybe he would add guy you know he's investigating some of the course investigation cross paths with the bad guys action scene, but then, by the end of that act he's kind of.

Avish Parashar: he's got a clue like of what's going on a little bit more of a clue i'm.

Avish Parashar: You know.

Michael Worth: i'm seeing the full plot, the end of that too it's not the full plot.

Avish Parashar: He gets he that doesn't right like a lot of times at the end of Act two he'll know like i'm.

Avish Parashar: Not the full picture, but a much bigger piece of the picture like he'll learn who the bad guy is right that's a lot of times will happen like.

Avish Parashar: Killing counter the bag like oh crap it's deacon frost now we gotta yeah and he's trying to collect all the blood for some reason, let me.

Avish Parashar: write like in the beginning of actually has no idea what the real plan is he's like Oh, and actually kind of learns a plan, but as know why and then an act three he proactively investigates.

Michael Worth: Right and that three is worth two things happen.

Michael Worth: A the plot is revealed like and and again we want blade to be an empowered hero he figures it out.

Avish Parashar: yeah.

Michael Worth: it's not one of these, maybe a little bit of monologue but, but basically blade gets the point where he's like OK, I see what's going on yeah.

Avish Parashar: it's kind of this matrix resurrection crap.

Michael Worth: i've Tyson thanks, a lot of.

Michael Worth: A lot to learn from listening to Wesley snipes today.

Michael Worth: God damn it.

Avish Parashar: just said.

Avish Parashar: Some other factor is always trying to ice skate uphill.

Michael Worth: To save the film.

Michael Worth: So i'm a what buddy and actually here's what happened, he thinks that the plot the villain does something to take him out of the picture, which often involves kidnapping and this is the heroes darkest hour where you're like oh shit blade at his powers removed or he's entombed or whatever.

Avish Parashar: What often happens in X three is the hero goes out to stop the bad guy and he often succeeds, but what happens is behind the scenes, then the bad guy gets what he actually wanted and like kidnaps the assistant or love interest it's like.

Michael Worth: Oh yeah it looks.

Avish Parashar: cool I gotta stop him from getting this you know blood of the ancients and he does, but oh crap when I get home everyone's gone and they actually got what they needed and now everything yeah.

Michael Worth: So he gets a little outmaneuver.

Avish Parashar: Like basically yes yeah.

Michael Worth: That that can happen yeah that's gonna be awesome can pull that up i'd be pretty cool but, basically, then that just doesn't act for which is just the big ol.

Michael Worth: assault assault the bad guys fortress right he walks in he most out a bunch of people um the the whatever experiment or ritual or plan is being brought to fruition and he ends up either stopping the plan of the planting seeds he defeats the.

Avish Parashar: yeah usually there's some clever way he comes up with to stop it or to.

Avish Parashar: To win, even though it started out.

Michael Worth: He just makes a motherfucker skate uphill.

Michael Worth: greatest lie ever.

Avish Parashar: show good.

Avish Parashar: timer we do.

Avish Parashar: We got we need.

Michael Worth: This this man sometimes simple as the way to.

Avish Parashar: Action movies.

Michael Worth: right man godless critical drinker talks about 90s action movies, like demolition man of stuff and it's a goddess to so fucking nice to have a simple action movie right.

Michael Worth: So oh yeah so yeah.


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