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The "In a World of... Improvised Movie Homages!" Podcast is Coming Soon!

The Full Podcast is coming soon! In the meantime, you can check out a special "sneak peek" episode here (and be sure to sign up to get immediate access to a second episode and to get notified when the show goes live!):

In this episode, Avish and Mike improvise a Fantasy  movie in the style of Dungeons and Dragons and Mythica titled: Blossoming Necromancer

In a World...of Magic, Warlords, Gods, and Adventurers, one girl will be forced into a quest to save her village, save the world, and to embrace her fate and destiny as the world's most powerful Necromancer. This show contains the improv games Ding, Emotional Lists, Superheroes, Best of Times Worst of Times, and Cutting Room.

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Camp Canoe and the Flow!

A "Summer Camp" movie similar to "Meatballs" and "Poison Ivy" (The Michael J. Fox and Nancy McKeon one, NOT the Drew Barrymore one...)

In a World...where some kids don't fit in with the "norm," a group of misfits will overcome their differences at camp to become friends, family, and winners.

This show features the improv games Movie Trailer, Cocktail Party, Ding, A to Z Story, and Cutting Room. It also features camp sharks, sad dog stories, and just a touch of sexy camp hijinks!

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About the Show

“In a World of...Improvised Movie Homages” is a unique show where we use short-form improv games to create long-form improv stories in the style of famous movies.

"It's like Steven Spielberg meets 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'!"

So how exactly does that work?

Each episode begins with a genre or example movie as a starting point (i..e “Slasher movie like Friday the 13th”). Then the show is divided into two parts: The discussing/prep part and the performance part.

The show begins with the prep phase which has four sections:

  1. Discussing the Genre Tropes - We spend five minutes talking about the tropes, cliches, commonalities, etc. of this type of movie.
  2. Creating the Outline - Once we have the tropes down, we create the outline for our “movie.” We may stray from it (this is improv comedy after all!) but this is the plan going in.
  3. Picking the improv games - We will play one improv game to tell/perform each “Act” of our movie. In this section we discuss and pick what those games are.
  4. Showtime! - Once we have that all hashed out, we jump in and perform the show! We work through the outline and improv games where each individual game has the silliness, energy, and humor of short form improv, but each game is connected with characters, setting, and overall story.

It is creative, funny, and a ton of fun (to play, and hopefully to listen too as well!)

About Your Hosts

Hello! Avish and Mike have been best friends for 30 years and bonded over their love of movies, storytelling, creativity, and improv comedy (among many other things, like prog rock, martial arts, and Dungeons and Dragons...). They combined these interests into the "In a World of...Improvised Movie Homages" podcast, where they use short-form improv games to tell long-form improv stories in the style of famous movies. 

Avish Parashar is a professional speaker who uses improv comedy to inspire, educate and inform. He has performed improv comedy for 28+ years and is the author of two books on applying improv to the real world (“Say, ‘Yes, And!’” and “Improvise to Success!”)

Mike Worth is a composer and Emmy award winning orchestrator, having worked on films, television shows, and video games. Mike has written original music for feature films such as Rush Hour 3 (featuring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan), and Ivory.